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Mind Control

Bhagvadgita Chapter 6 Verse 6:

bandhur aatmaat manah tasya
yenaat mai vaatmanaa jitah
anaath manas tu shatrut ve
vartetaat maiva shatruvat

      Mind is a friend of the self, for one who has conquered it and has it in control. It will behave as one of the worst foe to self, to one who has not controlled mind.

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Bhagvadgita Chapter 6 Verse 7:

jitaat manah prashantasya
pramaatma samaahitah
shitosna sukha dukheshu
tathaa mananapa maana yoh

      The mind of whom is conquered and in control he would have achieved traquility with the Supreme. For that person happiness and distress, heat and cold, honour and dishonour are all the same.


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Bhagvadgita Chapter 6 Verse 36:

sri bhaghavaan uvaacha
asamshayam maha baaho
mano durnigram chalam
abhyaasena tu kaunteya
vairaagyana cha grahyate

      This verse by Lord Krishna was in response to Arjuna's inquiry of how to control the mind which is very very powerful and excited.
Lord Krisha says, no doubt mind is very difficult to control. Mind is powerful and deceitful in that it will drive you to pursue sense gratification. You could still control it by constant practice and renunciation.

Mind control
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