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Bhagvadgita Chapter 6 Verse 13:

samam kaaya shiro greevam
dhaarayann achalam shirah
samprekshya naasikaram svam
dishas chaanavalokyam

      Practice yoga is by keeping the body straight along with neck and head. Holding this kind of sitting pose without any movement. Constantly gazing at the tip of one own nose, without looking out in any other direction.

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Bhagvadgita Chapter 6 Verse 14:

prashantatmaa vigata bheer
brahmachari vrate sthitah
manah samyamya macchitho
yukta aaseetha matparah

      With a calm and controlled mind without any fear and in the vow of celibacy one should concentrate and focus onto Me(Lord Krishna) as the only goal.


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Bhagvadgita Chapter 6 Verse 16:

naatyash-natas tu yogosti
na chaikaantam anashnatah
na chaati svapna-sheelasya
jaagrato naiva chaarjuna

      A person cannot become a yogi who eats too much or eats too less. He who sleeps too much or sleeps too less also will not be a yogi.

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