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Bhagvadgita Chapter 2 Verse 13:

dehinosmin yataa dehe
kaumaaram yavanam jara
tatha dehaantara praptir
dheeras tatra na muhyati

      Just as the body passes from childhood, youth to oldage; the soul passes from one body to take up another new one at death. This is the reason realized person will not bewilder due to this.

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Bhagvadgita Chapter 2 Verse 20:

na jaayate mruthyate vaa kadaachin
naayam bhoothva bhavitha vaa na bhuyah
ajo nityaha shasvato yam puraano
na hanyate hanyamaane sharire

      There is no birth or death to a soul. There has been no time when soul wasn't present. There will be no time when it will cease to exist. The soul is eternal, unborn and primaeval.


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Bhagvadgita Chapter 2 Verse 23:

naynam chindanti shastraani
naynam dahati paavakah
na chainam kledayanti apo
na shoshyati maarutah

      There is no weapon which can harm soul. The soul can neither be burnt by fire or moistened by water. Soul cannot be withered by wind either.

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